Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A present for Mum

My Mum and Gran were out visiting recently and left the day before Mother's Day. It's always horrible to see loved ones leave and it left me feeling particularly flat on Mother's Day (although hubby, M and S did make me a lovely breakfast and dinner). Anyway, I decided I would spend the day making a present for my Mum. She's a keen knitter and had asked me to make her the Two-Kates knitting bag from this blog and then I made her a knitting needle roll/organiser to match from this tutorial. The roll has space for needles, scisors, circular needles and darning needles. Fabric was picked up in the sales at SL last year. On the whole I'm happy with them, although one of the pockets on the roll is a bit wonky but hopefully Mum will like them.