Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sweet Wee Jacket

I'm on a bit of a roll today. I was going to make a baby kimono but instead I made this little jacket for M. It's from the 'Bend the rules sewing' book again and I added a bit of an embellishment which means that M will co-ordinate with the bag I made from the same fabrics! I'm really pleased as it's the first time I've sewn with jersey and the first time I've applied bias binding. I found the binding quite fiddly but I think it'll get easier with practice.

The pics aren't the greatest but you'll get the idea!

Staying up late watching the Tour de France...GO CADEL!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bag Challenge

Well, I finished by bag for the EB challenge today. It's the Artsy Clutch from my Bend the Rules Sewing book. It's a pretty simple design and only took me an hour or so to do it but I'm pleased with how it's turned out. It's definitely given me confidence to try something a bit more complex next time. Challenges are great motivators and I'd definitely participate in another.

I went on a late(ish) night trip to SL last night. Going without M is so much easier and more enjoyable. I actually had time to have a proper look around rather than just adopt my 'smash and grab' tactics when she's with me. I bought loads, including some pretty fabrics to run up some summer pieces for M:

Next on my 'to do' list is to make a baby kimono for a friend's soon-to-arrive bub and seeing as I'm on a bit of a roll I might make a start today...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey big spender

Well, I don't seem to have done very well with keeping this blog up to date or adding any pics as promised! My excuse is that we went on holiday to Palm Cove for a week....which was lovely.

I have discovered there are lots of good internet shopping websites for sewing bits and bobs and have been busy spending money on them, after all it's not real money when you just punch in your card number it?

Anyway, I found a lovely site call Etsy, where everything is handmade and bought some lovely orange/blue fat quarters and fabric covered buttons. The nice button lady even threw in a couple of freebies. Then when we were on holiday I bought the apple buttons and the blue fat quarters I picked up at my local sewing shop. I've also been buying other bits from Etsy but they're not sewing or craft related so decided not to blog them. It's also a good website for being inspired about things I could make myself one day. Here's a pic of my purchases:

I also realised that I haven't been taking pics of any of the things that I've been making before I've been giving them away. I took photos today of a couple fo things; a bib, knitted hat and M's crayon roll. The latter didn't go too well becuase I could sew the ric rac in properly so it's all a bit crooked. M seems to like it though. Actually I can't find the pic of the crayon roll so I'll try and add that later. Anyway, here are those pics:

I've also signed up for the EB Newbie Sewers bag challenge. This means that I have to make a bag by 15th August...the clock is ticking! Not sure what I'll do but think I'll stick to something simple.

Other than that I'm making a summer dress for M and also a maternity skirt for myself and perhaps some easy trousers too. Just need to go shopping for some nice fabric....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1950s housewife aspirations

I have a new hobby - sewing (with a bit of knitting thrown in)! It seems that I am trying to turn myself into a 1950s domestic goddess...and mostly failing! Of course, if this really was the 1950s then I wouldn't have a blog to keep everyone posted on my progress.

I have been trying to sew for the last year and mostly frustrating myself with my lack of success. I finally bought a new sewing machine a couple of weeks ago and now my sewing has been revolutionised.

So far I have made the following:
Little turtle softie for my midwife's new baby
Baby bib either as a gift or for when Pip pops out later in the year
Some toy beanbags given to M's friend Grace as she took a liking to them
Some corduroy trousers for M
A crayon roll for M to take on the plane when we go away on Sunday
A knitted hat for a friend's new baby

Projects in progress:
A baby blanket for Carolyn and Barney who are about to have a baby
A jumper to go with the hat above
A cardy for M

Hope to post more soon...with pictures once I have taken some!