Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1950s housewife aspirations

I have a new hobby - sewing (with a bit of knitting thrown in)! It seems that I am trying to turn myself into a 1950s domestic goddess...and mostly failing! Of course, if this really was the 1950s then I wouldn't have a blog to keep everyone posted on my progress.

I have been trying to sew for the last year and mostly frustrating myself with my lack of success. I finally bought a new sewing machine a couple of weeks ago and now my sewing has been revolutionised.

So far I have made the following:
Little turtle softie for my midwife's new baby
Baby bib either as a gift or for when Pip pops out later in the year
Some toy beanbags given to M's friend Grace as she took a liking to them
Some corduroy trousers for M
A crayon roll for M to take on the plane when we go away on Sunday
A knitted hat for a friend's new baby

Projects in progress:
A baby blanket for Carolyn and Barney who are about to have a baby
A jumper to go with the hat above
A cardy for M

Hope to post more soon...with pictures once I have taken some!

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