Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm a bad blogger...

Once again it's been quite a while since I last posted about any of my sewing exploits...

I saw this purse over at The Princess and the Monkey and loved it, just what I need for all my cards, receipts, etc. I briefly thought about trying to make one myself but then asked Lisa if she would make one for me. It arrived quite a while ago and accompaying it was this rather gorgeous bib for my own little monkey. I have had so many compliments on both the bib and the purse - thanks Lisa!

I made myself and Sam a Mei Tai carrier from this tutorial, it was much easier than I thought although my machine didn't like sewing through 6 + layers of fabric and needed a lot of coaxing to get it done. The only variation I did was to make the hood a little larger as I didn't think the one in the tutorial gave enough coverage. I used denim, minki and Heather Bailey. I so love that HB fabric. Up until now I have been using a hugabub and this one is so comfortable to wear and causes no pain on my shoulders whatsever. I've also just started to carry Sam on my back, which makes getting things done round the house and playing with Maddie so much easier. Needless to say I'm a huge fan of this carrier. A local baby shop also asked if I'd be interested in making some for sale in the shop but after a bit of investigation, some sums and the fact that I don't own the copyright to the pattern meant that it wasn't worth my while. Still, it's nice to be asked!

I also tried out my first Ottobre pattern and made M this skirt. It was a pretty easy pattern, although I didn't like how the waistband works with the drawstring and elastic so next time I'd change that. The fabric is SL corduroy and some upcycled linen from a pair of Dom's old trousers. I did a cheat and just appliqued onto a shop bought top. M loves it but wants a more twirly skirt next time!

I also made this Matroyshka doll from an issue of Homespun magazine for a friend's new baby and added a bell inside and intialled the apron.

Lots of other things have been made but I've failed to photograph them...a baby blanket, tote bag, more appliques tops and some pot holders...

I'll try not to leave it too long next time!

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