Monday, August 4, 2008

Bias Binding is ugh!

Well I couldn't sleep one night so I started and finished a quilt for M's doll, George. As you can see from the pic, M has decided that it's suitable for her to use too. I made it using some squares left over from a play mat that I am making for the baby, a bit of yellow cotton and some blue fleecy material.

I've also just finished a kimono for one of the carers at M's daycare who is about to have a little girl. Although I'm pretty pleased with the outcome it did give me the title for the post. I'm finding bias binding so fiddly and annoying...completely ugh! It does look good once it's done though. M was very annoyed that this wasn't for her so I've promised that my next project will be a top for her.

This promise was a bit of a fib because I've already started my next project, which is a vintage style apron for a friend who offered her babysitting services so that we could have a night out on Saturday.

The most exciting news today is that one of my EB sewing friends randomly selected me to be the recipient of a gift to be made by her. How exciting and generous! Here's a link to Lisa's inspiring blog.

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Emma said...

Both of these are on my "to do" list. Pity its so big I will never get to them. Love yours though. Great job.