Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crayon roll

OK, not too exciting but I knocked out this crayon roll for M's friend Lachie last night. She's staying over at his on Friday night so that we can have a night away in Daylesford for our anniversary and hubby's bday. It's the first time I've left her over night so I'm both nervous and excited at the prospect!


Gilly said...

The crayon roll is so practical and really lovely fabric - I will have to make one for Jack - maybe for when he starts school next year. I hope you have a wonderful night away for your anniversary! Thats so lovely and we all cant wait to hear about it..well about some of it anyway LOL

PinkLizzy said...


Rocal said...

These are such a great little gift, and a great way of keeping crayons together, I find them everywhere:)