Thursday, March 5, 2009

Drum roll please....and the winner(s) are.....


and then because I have quite a lot of these little scraps I chose 2 more lucky people too:

and Brisssmith

Please send me your postal details to and I'll pop some in the post to you early next week. I'd love to see what you make them into.

I've managed to get a bit of sewing done, inbetween the relentless job of unpacking. I made a pair of pjs for Maddie and a matching pair of pj bottoms for hubby too from a vintage disney bedsheet (I'll blog a pic later when I get them off the camera). I had been hankering after making hubby some pj pants for ages as he really needed some news ones but he kept saying that he could buy them cheaper in Target!! Anyway, seeing as I got the sheet from an op shop for about 50c I think I won that argument!

I'm very excited to be going to the Stitches and Craft show in Melbourne next Saturday. I need to sit down and work out a budget so that I don't go mad and spend the mortgage! Is anyone else planning on going?


Lisa said...

Whoo hoo!!! How exciting! Will PM you my address. Thanks again.

Karen said...

Hooray - how exciting!!
Thanks for sharing the fabric goodness Toni - very kind of you.
I'm planning a Saturday visit too - have to work out the details yet - don't think the hubby understands the potential spending of it all!

Brissmiths said...

Made my day thanks! I've emailed you my address. Can't wait now.. thinking cap on!
Susan :)